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Rider Rules

Rider Responsibilities

  1. Give all pertinent information needed to the broker, including a request for an escort required or special needs.  
  2. Be ready for your scheduled pick-up at least 15 minutes before scheduled pickup.  RTEC drivers are allowed to wait up to 15 minutes on passengers with unavoidable delays, but keep the driver informed.
  3. Remain seated and keep your seatbelt on at all times while the vehicle is moving.  Keep all cargo secure while vehicle is moving (i.e. oxygen tanks). 
  4. Smoking in the vehicle is not allowed.
  5. Please do not eat or drink on the vehicle.
  6. No weapons of any kind are permitted on the vehicle.  
  7. Provide a federally approved child safety seat for children riding with you less than 40 inches in height that meets Kentucky Child Restraint Laws and Regulations.  Request any special Needs.  
  8. Know your mobility aid measurements and weight of device. (We can accommodate at least 30” wide x 48” long; up to 600 lbs. when occupied).  Request wheelchair accessible vehicle when making reservation.  Request any special Needs.  
  9. Keep service animals (ADA permissible) under control.
  10. Pay proper fare if you are a cash paying customer.
  11. Treat driver and other passengers with courtesy and respect.  
  12. Passengers shall not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. 

Passenger Carry On Rules:

Daily Service Transportation:

Passengers’ on board of RTEC buses are permitted to bring up to 3 carry-on bags aboard. Drivers are only allowed to assist with two bags. Passengers must stay with their packages. If help is needed for additional packages, a companion must be available to assist the passenger. Passenger’s packages are to be held within their lap, wheelchair or mobility device, or safely stored/secured under the seat(s). Packages are not to be stored in unoccupied seats.  Aisles and areas adjacent to doors and exits must be kept clear of all cargo at all times.

Intercity Transportation: 

Passengers’ on board of an RTEC Intercity Bus are permitted to bring a carry-on bag that weighs up to 25lbs and must be held in your lap or safely secured under your seat. Also, you can carry-on an additional bag that weighs no more than 50lbs and a max size of 62 inches when you add the dimensions together (length + width + height) and will be stored in the seat area next to you. Passengers’ must stay with their packages. Aisles and areas adjacent to doors and exits must be kept clear of all cargo at all times.

RTEC No-Show Policy

Passenger No-Show Policy