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Inclement Weather

RTEC Maintenance Project Team:

RTEC Region 12 will not transport in unsafe conditions. RTEC’s first concern is for the safety of its riders and employees. While every effort will be made to operate RTEC’s vehicles according to published schedules, recognized weather conditions may cause operation of vehicles to be unsafe.

Transit service will be closed when roads are hazardous for travel. During inclement weather conditions, RTEC will cancel service or operate on a limited basis. RTEC will resume services on roads that are priority for snow removal and will resume regular service when all roads are clear and safe for travel.

RECIPIENTS PLEASE NOTE: Transportation during inclement weather may be limited and availability determined by the conditions.  In the event transportation is delayed or cancelled due to weather or scheduling demands, it is your responsibility to notify your health care provider and reschedule your appointments as necessary.  RTEC operates as much as possible during winter storms, however, please be prepared for delays, detours, or (in the event of extremely severe conditions) potential service cancellations.  Information regarding limited services and service cancellations will be disseminated via local radio and/or news broadcasts.  Listen to local news, radio and television stations for important weather information.  Television Stations utilized to reach RTEC county regions with public service announcements during inclement weather include (but not limited to):  WKYT Lexington, WLKY Louisville, WBKO Bowling Green.

During inclement weather conditions, RTEC will operate under one of three Plans:

Plan A = Delays:  Some isolated areas within counties of operation have hazardous weather conditions; there may be some delays in rural areas and services will continue only on the roads/streets that are priority for snow removal as they are made passable. 

Plan B = Limited Services:  Some counties have hazardous conditions.  If transportation cannot be provided due to unsafe conditions or unavailable resources, trips will be cancelled and clients will need to reschedule all Non-Urgent-Care transportation requests.  RTEC will make every effort to provide Non-Emergency Medical transportation to life threatening  medical services such as dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. during inclement weather.  Transportation services will resume as roads clear throughout the day and become safe.

Plan C = Services Cancelled.  If the Commonwealth of Kentucky/Governor declares a State of Emergency, RTEC will not operate and the RTEC office will not be fully staffed under these conditions.  Dialysis patients will listen to the radio and television broadcasts and follow emergency plan/services for assistance.  Dialysis recipients should call 911 IF their medical condition becomes of an emergency nature.   Recipients should reschedule non-emergency trips if roads are deemed unsafe for travel or are closed due to directives from State/Local Police.  Transportation services will resume as roads clear throughout the day and become safe.